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Rimasto Orfano

May 12-14, 2005
Théâtre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts

“It's as if Greco—through the medium of his own body—wants to heighten our awareness of what it means to be alive.”– The Herald, Glasgow

Danse Danse presents Emio Greco | PC, a company that has won over the dance-going public and the international press wherever it goes. Struck by Greco’s `mephistophelian intensity’, critics have hastened to describe him as being “in command of one of the most exciting, original and eccentric dance vocabularies of anyone in contemporary dance” [The Times of London]. Under the artistic direction of Italian choreographer Emio Greco and Dutch stage director Pieter C. Sholten, Emio Greco | PC will make its Canadian debut with Rimasto Orfano (Orphan Abandonned), a work for five dancers, including Greco—an interpreter whose presence and technique take your breath away.

Clad in long white gowns but driven by dark forces, five androgynous dancers take possession of the stage. There, body and spirit are locked in a fight to the finish, in a ring of tight-stretched grey silk lighted by a single bulb. The stakes are high, the outcome uncertain: harmony, or chaos? With its overpowering sets and the onrushing music of Michael Gordon, Rimasto Orfano can only be described as a “wrenching, impetuous and eloquent work performed by a highly disciplined company.” — Dance, United Kingdom

Emio Greco and Pieter C. Sholten have been working together since 1995, in the search for new dance forms. Each performance of their work, presented under the Emio Greco | PC label, acknowledges the combination of their respective strengths. At the heart of the Emio Greco | PC method lies an insatiable curiosity for the body and its invisible powers, and for the ways thought and action interact. With the existential thirst of the scientist or the poet, Emio Greco strives to understand how sensations, emotional and mnemonic waves can be translated into movement and facial expression. There can be only one condition: no restraint.

But, “whether or not you agree with Greco’s views on the interaction between impulse and rationality (...) his movement and choreography are fascinating and marvelously interpreted. (...) In counterpoint with contemporary fade-ins and fade-outs, as precise as they are exuberant, there are also moments of hypnotic immobility.“ — The Herald, Glasgow

Ballet trained, and having danced for Jan Fabre and Saburo Teshigawa, Emio Greco in January 2004 won the Time Out Live award, given to the best show in the dance category for his pieces Double Points: One and Two. The two works also won the Herald Angel award at the Edinburgh International Festival. Double Points also won Greco the Sonia Gaskell Prize for Choreography, which singled him out for “developing in a short time an innovative, consistent and fascinating signature.”

April 2004

Web Site: www.emiogrecoandpc.nl

Photo: Jean-Pierre Stoop