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Guilherme Miotto + Kristel van Issum

Enchanted Room + T†Bernadette

5. 6. 7. 8. 9 March 2013
Cinquième Salle

“If there were only one word to describe the company T.r.a.s.h. it would be energy. […] Energy that seems to consume the characters in flames, but without burning their wings. For they fly, or are sent flying. Their comrades let them fall back to earth, unstable, only to be hurled into walls, bounce off and crash down. Then they get right back on their feet.” (Télérama, Paris, France, review of Pork-in-Loop and To File for Chapter 11)
Originating in the underground punk rock scene in Tilburg, Holland, the young dance collective T.r.a.s.h. presents all over Europe hyperphysical and unclassifiable work bound to shock. It will be taking the Cinquième Salle stage by storm with Enchanted Room and T†Bernadette, assisted by musicians performing live onstage. As in all their productions, their uncompromising approach is a skilful blend of music, movement, text, performance, set design and athletics that breaks with traditional forms of theatre and dance. A Montreal première not to be missed.

Enchanted Room
Inspired by Disorderly Conduct (Humanoid Trilogy Episode 1), Enchanted Room explores the paradoxes of everyday life. A brother and a sister seek the promised land, but their quest for that mythical place is a hellish venture, for they can only know happiness if they have experienced suffering. It is a typical T.r.a.s.h. piece, in that it moves from innocence to disenchantment and indeed poison. This descent into hell unfolds to music performed live by a soprano and a baritone.

First presented at the Flora Theatre Festival in the Czech Republic in 2009, this extremely intense duo is a portrayal of the synergy and ecstasy necessary for fusion within the couple. Danced to music performed live by one musician, T†Bernadette features two individuals lost in their inner worlds, and then lost each in the other. In a profound state of desire, they seek out the dark side of their personalities.

“If T.r.a.s.h. has pulled off a tour de force, it is thanks on the one hand to its trademark brutal language of movement, and on the other hand to the splendid music of the composer André van der Kuip, who creates a sensual union of soprano and baritone voices while a murmuring cello brings forth a sea of madness and voluptuous pleasure.” (Rinus van der Heijden’s review of Disorderly Conduct).
An offshoot of the underground punk rock scene in Tilburg, Holland, the dance company T.r.a.s.h. is renowned for its no holds barred shows, its relentless, energetic stretching of limits that leads to a potpourri of artistic disciplines that challenges traditional norms of theatre and dance in an intense mélange. T.r.a.s.h. productions have been presented in numerous theatres and festivals in Holland and elsewhere.

Kristel van Issum is the artistic director of the company, whose work reflects contemporary culture, the temper of the times and the portrayal of human beings – their bodies, their struggles and their fates. The core of T.r.a.s.h. consists of choreographers Kristel van Issum and Guilherme Miotto, composer Arthur van der Kuip and set designer Paul van Weert. Together they create dynamic physical shows performed by talented artists and marked by a brusque, energetic style complemented by subtle, delicate movement. Their explosive dance makes for an intense emotional experience. T.r.a.s.h. pursues a cognitive and intuitive approach, blurring distinctions between dance, theatre and performance. The work evolves slowly, from abstract expressionism to figurative representations of modern man. With its dancers, performers and musicians, T.r.a.s.h. explores a contemporary theatrical language. In this high voltage dance form, the body is a messenger conveying extreme beauty.

In 2006 T.r.a.s.h. received the Ad Vinken award from the city of Tilburg, and in 2009 the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund dance award.

“In a setting trapped between four walls comprising a sort of echo chamber, the dance abounds with falls, fainting, blows and shocks. Not an ounce of tenderness,no rest or respite in this hullaballoo.” (libé, Paris, France, review of Pork-in-Loop)
Kristel van Issum
Artistic Director & Choreographer
Kristel van Issum works like a sculptor, removing one layer of the body after another until she gets to the very heart. She views the performers as sculptures made flesh by energy, sound and instinct, pushing conscious movement to the point where it becomes instinctive momentum. She seeks movement that gives the impression that the body has breached the laws of nature, a danced language where the artist is shunted around from mind to body. Her choreography is often characterized by brutality and violence, but also by subtlety, resembling controllable explosions. The dislocation of the body is undeniably part of the T.r.a.s.h. idiom. She is attuned to what escapes from logical, rational thought and refuses traditional classifications, basing her work on the concept of deconstruction, decomposition and reconstruction of new semantic structures so that theatre becomes a landscape composed of sounds and/or texts. She has an irrepressible desire to dissociate a form or premise, replacing it with another framework and creating a world of ideas where the ingredients of theatre are decomposed and then reassembled, with an emphasis on intertextuality and contextuality. 
Lenght:  1 h 10

Enchanted Room
Concept & choreography Kristel van Issum & Guilherme Miotto. Musical Composition Arthur van der Kuip. Set Paul van Weert. Created with and Performed by Doherty & Joss Carter. Music Michal Bitan (soprano) and João Paixoa (baritone). Lights Pim Pernet. International diffusion A propic, Line Rousseau. Length 25 minutes.


Concept & choreography Kristel van Issum. Musical Composition Arthur van der Kuip. Set Paul van Weert. Created with and Performed by Oona Doherty & Joss Carter. Cello Jacqueline Hamelink. Lights Pim Pernet. International diffusion A propic, Line Rousseau. Lenght 25 minutes.  

The company T.r.a.s.h. is supported by Arts Scene Funds (FPK), the province of Noord-Brabant and the City of Tilburg.



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Friday, March 8 – in the hall right after the performance 


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