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La Otra Orilla

Myriam Allard + Hedi Graja


16. 17. 18. 19. 23. 24. 25. 26 Jan. 2013
Cinquième Salle

 “A superb fresco in six tableaux that offers a wide range of flamenco styles reflecting the different stages of life, taking just the right liberties to breathe new life into this Andalusian art without altering it completely.” (Le Devoir, Montreal, Canada, review of El12)

Grace, spirit, sensuality and artistic rigour are the characteristics of La Otra Orilla, the company directed by the dancer Myriam Allard and the singer Hedi “El Moro” Graja. They are back at Danse Danse and Place des Arts with a new piece that will delight the spectator, as audiences and critics alike are enchanted with her hybrid, iconoclastic flamenco, richly poetic and very contemporary.

“Myriam Allard is a magnificent flamenco dancer, energetic and magnetic, not only a performer respectful of formal purism but completely free in reinterpreting tradition with her resolutely contemporary vision.”  (La Presse, Montreal, Canada, review of EL12)

“Cantor Graja is a passionate singer, a low baritone and not the traditional flamenco tenor, his husky, growling voice giving an edge to the dance. But at the centre is the charismatic Allard, her intensity palpable, her movement anchored in flamenco, but always imaginatively transformed.” (The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Canada, review of El12)

Exploring the notions of silence and suspension, offering a new take on the dramatic or sensual characters traditionally associated with flamenco and embracing the absurd and the amusing by pursuing a multi-disciplinary approach, this new piece is very much in the style of La Otra Orilla. It features a dancer (Myriam Allard), a singer (Hedi Graja) and two instrumentalists. With a rigorous blend of dance, music and video, this new work, co-produced by Danse Danse, will benefit from two creative residencies – one at the Segal Centre for Performing Arts and another at Place des Arts.

Myriam Allard
Introduced to music and dance as a young child, Myriam Allard was thrilled to discover flamenco and at age 21 left Quebec for Spain, where she stayed for 6 years. She studied flamenco in Seville and Madrid with masters Manolo Marín and Ciro, and pursued further studies with Andrés Marín, Rafaela Carrasco and Israel Galvan, artists who opened up new flamenco perspectives. Myriam made her professional début at the traditional tablaos flamencos in Spain, and went on to perform in Japan, France and Germany. Those initial experiences led to an invitation to join Israel Galvan’s company for the presentation of Galvanicas in 2002. Armed with her solid training and performance experience, she returned to Quebec and founded La Otra Orilla in late 2005 with Hedi Graja. Their company allows them to pursue an independent approach and to personalize the flamenco form. With her intimate knowledge of the many modulations and nuances of flamenco, Myriam Allard’s dancing breaks away from orthodox aesthetic frameworks in order to develop a style where instinctive bursts of feeling and physicality are an integral part of sensitive, refined dance whose depths reverberate with latent power and muffled tension.

Hedi Graja “El Moro” 
A multi-disciplinary artist, Hedi Graja was born with a foot on either side of the Mediterranean, which had a decisive influence on his artistic identity and led to a very diverse arts background. After studying theatre in Paris and opera at the Conservatoire National Régional in Toulouse, he began pursuing his interest in flamenco in 1995, initially through dance. He moved to Spain to increase his knowledge of the form, and in Seville decided that flamenco singing would be his chosen medium of expression.

After four years in Andalusia he returned to Paris, where he completed a degree in the humanities, while continuing studies in flamenco singing and acting with the company Le Théâtre du Voyageur.

In late 2005 he moved to Montreal and founded La Otra Orilla with the dancer Myriam Allard. That structure allowed him to explore the mingling of voices and influences that characterizes his work, developing an original signature.

La Otra Orilla (The Other Shore)
Myriam Allard and Hedi Graja first met in 1998 and have been working together since 2005, when they founded La Otra Orilla. They promptly began developing their own dance style and aesthetic. In addition to producing their own work, they are both committed to promoting and developing flamenco by teaching courses in rhythm, dance and singing in Montreal and across Canada. In 2008 they opened the Pleamar studio, a flamenco centre in Montreal.

This new piece is the company’s fifth production, the first of which was Declaracion en idioma flamenco. In 2007 La Otra Orilla created Denominacion de Origen Descontrolado, a work that clearly reflected its pursuit of a personalized form of flamenco and a deepening of the relationship between song, music and dance. It consists of eight tableaux, each with its own mood and tone, but all of them extremely expressive.

MuE_s, created in 2008, introduced a thematic, theatrical aspect into their style of choreography. Although drawing its inspiration from flamenco, the piece broke with the traditional form, resulting in a bold, singular work on the theme of metamorphosis.

With El12 in 2010, La Otra Orilla continued the conceptualization of flamenco that began with MuE_s and expanded its horizons, notably by integrating video and the active participation of musicians in the staging, choreography and narrative. El12 explored the relentless march of time – life and death – by means of original and intimate choreography that conveyed a new take on flamenco aesthetics. This very popular show (several sold-out houses) was nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore award in Toronto in the outstanding production category.

With its next flamenco piece, La Otra Orilla intends to continue to develop a contemporary, avant-garde form that is rooted not only in traditional flamenco but also anchored in the present.
Lenght: 1 h 10

On stage
Myriam Allard, Aurélie Brunelle, Hedi Graja, Miguel Medina. With the special collaboration of Antonio Arrebola in the virtual duo.
Choreography and staging  Myriam Allard and Hedi Graja. Music Caroline Planté, José Sanchez and traditional songs. Technical Direction and Sound Michel Coulombe. Videos Geneviève Allard. Lighting Laurent Routhier / Projet Blanc. Text (virtual duo) Frédéric Blanchette. Costumes Susana Vera. Voice-over (virtual duo)
Catherine Allard and Frédéric Blanchette. Production La Otra Orilla. Co-production Danse Danse et Place des Arts. With the support of Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, Conseil des Arts du Canada, Conseil des Arts de Montréal, Segal Centre for Performing Arts.



   Up close with Myriam Allard and Hedi Graja
Thursday, January 24 – 5:30 p.m. at ARTVstudio – Moderator: Geneviève Guérard (in French only)
   meet the artists
Fridays, January 18. 25 – in the hall right after the performance


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