Compagnie Marie Chouinard


“All these objects that hinder and hobble the body eventually serve to magnify it. […] Like Louis Dufort’s remix of excerpts from Bach’s Goldberg Variations as performed by Glenn Gould in 1981 […] all the elements of this rich, finely chiselled piece are remixed, recycled, diverted from their original intent; the barres, the sounds, words, vocal textures, the medical material, the meaning of gestures, the notion of constraint and liberty.” (La Presse, Montreal)

“Between fascination and repulsion – in particular point shoes, symbols of classical dance training – Marie Chouinard launches an attack on the new body that redefines physical limits, invents new laws of movement and incidentally enjoys […] A dissonant symphony, bODY_rEMIX/les_vARIATIONS_gOLDBERG breaks free of convention and custom to shake up the imagination of the body in movement.”(Le Monde, Paris)

“Chouinard was stunningly creative... dance and music met in a totally new way.” (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Ludwigsburg)

Danse Danse will be highlighting the 20th anniversary of COMPAGNIE MARIE CHOUINARD with three distinct programs.. Audiences can discover or rediscover Étude No 1, Les Trous du ciel, Orphée et Eurydice and bODY_rEMIX/les_vARIATIONS_gOLDBERG, classics from an extensive, multiform and highly original repertoire that includes some fifty choreographies, action performances, vocal works, installations and films. All these works reflect Marie Chouinard’s insatiable curiosity and her artistic quest as she explores the mystery of the human body.

Compagnie Marie ChouinardbODY_rEMIX/les_vARIATIONS_gOLDBERG
Variations on the exercise of liberty. In harness, shackled, dancing on points – balancing on 1, 2 and sometimes 4 points at once, the fourteen dancers of this piece plunge into a sensitive, meticulous exploration of movement. The use of props creates highly unusual dynamics and body forms, metaphors for toil, strength, desire, pleasure and human ingenuity. The piece was presented by the Danse Danse series in the Fall of 2007.

Marie Chouinard
Marie Chouinard has established a sterling reputation on the international dance scene with her bold, carnal and spiritual works that also incorporate tragedy and humour. After an impressive solo career, the Montreal artist founded her own company in 1990. It has been greeted with acclaim all over the world, admired by audiences and critics alike.

Her Sacre du printemps, originally created in 1993 and presented on occasion with a symphony orchestra, is still a part of the troupe’s repertoire and continues to fascinate audiences whenever performed. Her more recent works such as Étude # 1, Chorale, bODY_rEMIX/les_vARIATIONS_ gOLDBERG, Cri du monde and Orphée et Eurydice have also met with tremendous success. The film bODY_rEMIX/les_vARIATIONS_ gOLDBERG, directed by Marie Chouinard, received a Gemini Award from the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television for Best Performance in a Performing Arts Program or Series in October 2009. Her last work, The Golden Mean (live), is presented for the first time in March 2010 at the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad.

Marie Chouinard is a regular participant in lectures and discussions, and her workshops are very popular. Her company travels the world presenting performances as part of dance seasons and prestigious festivals. Some of the major theatres and festivals that have welcomed the company over the years have become loyal partners: the National Arts Centre and the Canada Dance Festival in Ottawa, Théâtre de la Ville in Paris, the ImPulsTanz international dance festival in Vienna, the Venice Biennale and the Julidans festival in Amsterdam.


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Created at the Venice Biennale’s International Festival of Contemporary Dance, Italy, 2005. Choreography and Artistic Direction Marie Chouinard. Dancers Kimberley de Jong, Benjamin Kamino, Leon Kupferschmid, Lucy M. May, Lucie Mongrain, Mariusz Ostrowski, Carol Prieur, David Rancourt, Gérard Reyes, Manuel Roque, Dorotea Saykaly, Lucie Vigneault, James Viveiros, Megan Walbaum. Music Louis Dufort:Variations on the Variations, Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations, Variations 5, 6, 8. Vocal Extracts of Glenn Gould. With the permission of the estate of Glenn Gouldand Sony BMG Music (Canada) Glenn Gould: A State of Wonder: The Complete Goldberg Variations (1955 & 1981). Lighting, Set Design and Props Marie Chouinard. Costumes and Hair Stylist Vandal. Make-up Jacques-Lee Pelletier. Production Manager Nadia Bellefeuille. Lighting Creation Assistants Erwann Bernard, Marc Tétreault. A Compagnie Marie Chouinard production, co-produced with the National Arts Centre (Ottawa), Montreal High Lights Festival, Schlossfestspiele (Ludwigsburg), Théâtre de la Ville (Paris), Venice Biennale, White Bird (Portland), with the support of ImPulsTanz (Vienna).

Photo 1 © Marie Chouinard, dancers Kirsten Andersen and Carla Maruca. Photo 2 © Marie Chouinard, dancer Carol Prieur.


105 minutes - with intermission
1st acte 45 minutes
Intermission 20 minutes
2nd acte 40 minutes