“A recent re-branding of the company as BJM DANSE MONTRÉAL suggests that the range of the company… is far more expansive than originally conceived. That eclectic embrace, and the company’s superb dancers, are brilliantly showcased.” (The Boston Globe)

BJM DANSE MONTRÉAL is back at Danse Danse with another exciting program directed by Louis Robitaille. Blessed with a gift for discovering new talent and eager to work with renowned choreographers, the artistic director of BJM orchestrates entertaining and very satisfying dance presentations. This time round Louis Robitaille has snared Annabelle López Ochoa and Cayetano Soto, two of the best-kept secrets of the European contemporary dance scene. He has also called on choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti, the artistic director of Aterballetto, Italy’s foremost ballet company. Annabelle will be presenting Zip Zap Zoom, an ingenious to-and-fro between the onstage action and a virtual universe. As for Soto, he will be offering a brand new solo, while Mauro Bigonzetti will be presenting Rossini Cards, an elegant, playful work danced to the fiery music of Gioacchino Rossini.

Zip Zap Zoom
Created in October 2009 in San Diego, Zip Zap Zoom transports spectators into a virtual universe in the blink of an eye. Like a 21st century Alice in a strange wonderland, they step through to the other side of the screen to discover ingenious choreography capable of cleverly exploring the reflexes and emotions generated by our relationship to virtual reality and our online lives. 

“This piece is more than relevant, and it is more than current. It is contemporary, and it is what dance is now. Ochoa is truly a masterful choreographer with an edge for what dance can and should be in this constantly changing industry. Her schooling well predicted her becoming a rising star of the Dutch dance scene, and Anabelle LÓpez Ochoa has shown that she is a star today and deserves the recognition for this simply phenomenal piece of work.” (Temecula Dance Examiner)

Rossini Cards
Created in Modena, Italy in January 2004 and re-created for BJM in February 2009, Rossini Cards is “an abstract creation, free from a dramaturgic plot, not a story but scenes of parallel lives: images, cards, dramatic icons and comic situations. An expression of Gioacchino Rossini’s music, of the pressing rhythm, geometry and precision of his music and, in the end, of a Dionysian vitality.” Mauro Bigonzetti

“At the end of this remarkable movement, mere applause seemed inadequate. A respectful silence – reflecting a shame that one’s own life might never have approached such an ideal – seemed more appropriate. I felt an immense debt to Bigonzetti for showing me something so beautiful…” (Broad Street Review, Philadelphia)

Annabelle LÓpez Ochoa
A graduate of the Royal Ballet Academy of Antwerp, the Belgian-Colombian choreographer Annabelle López Ochoa has created over thirty works to date. As a dancer, she was a soloist with Scapino Ballet in Rotterdam for seven years. She has choreographed for companies such as the Dutch National Ballet, Djazzex, the Ballet du Grand Théâtre in Geneva, the Royal Ballet of Flanders, Pennsylvania Ballet, Luna Negra Dance Theater and the Ballet national de Marseilles.

She won the International Competition for Choregraphers Hannover in 2001, and also won first prize at the Bornem International Competition in 2002, but left her performing career in 2003 to focus on choreography. She was a finalist in the Uncontainable project in Belgium in 2006, and the following year was selected as a candidate for the New York Choreographic Institute, working with the New York City Ballet.

BJM DANSE MONTRÉALHer piece One, created for the freelance dancers Drew Jacoby and Rubinald Pronk, was acquired by Christopher Wheeldon’s Morphoses and was presented in London, New York and Houston, and also at the Titas gala in Dallas in 2008.

In addition to dance, Annabelle López Ochoa has choreographed for theatre, opera and musicals. In 2006 she collaborated with the Dutch fashion designer Viktor & Rolf on an exhibit at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. She is also a member of the dance/theatre collective Fantasten, producing two pieces that have been presented over 200 times in various venues across Holland.

Mauro Bigonzetti
Mauro Bigonzetti trained at the ballet school of the Opera di Roma, and became a member of their company in 1979, dancing as a soloist. In 1983 he joined the Reggio Emilia company Aterballetto, renowned for its contemporary repertory.

In 1990 he presented his first choreography at the Teatro Sociale in Grassina, Sei in movimento, to music by Bach. In 1993 he joined Balletto di Toscana as resident choreographer, the beginning of an intense collaboration with that company. The following year he was invited by the English National Ballet to create a new work for their spring season, and he has also received commissions from Ballet national de Marseille, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Staatsoper Dresden, Ballet Teatro Argentino, Balè da Cidade de Sao Paulo, New York City Ballet, State Ballet Ankara and the Ballet du Capitole in Toulouse.

Bigonzetti has choreographed ballets for many Italian companies, including the Ballets de la Scala in Milan, Opera di Roma, Arena Verona and Teatro San Carlo in Naples. In 1997 he became artistic director and principal choreographer of Aterballetto under the chairmanship of Federico Grilli, with whom he has worked to build a new repertoire and a new company.

BJM DANSE MNTRÉALHis ballets are part of the repertoire for many ballet companies around the world including Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal.  His most important works are Songs, Persephassa, Furia Corporis, Comoedia Canti, Sogno, Cantata, Rossini Cards, Vespro, Les Noces, Psappha, Orma, WAM, Romeo and Juliette and I Fratelli.

Cayetano Soto was born in Spain in 1975. He started his dance education in his hometown Barcelona at the Instituto del Teatro and continued his studies at the Royal Conservatorium in Den Haag. After receiving his degree, Cayetano Soto danced with IT Dansa in Barcelona before joining the Ballet Theater Munich a year later. There he created several successful ballets for the company.

Cayetano Soto has created works for the Royal Ballet of Flanders, the Ballet of the Staatstheater Braunschweig, the Northwest Pacific Dance Project in Portland, the Ballet da Cidade in Sao Paulo, the Augsburg Ballet, the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, the Dortmund Ballet and for Companhia nacional de Bailado in Lisboa.

Zero in on someone/something: to start to give all your attention to a particular person or thing” (Macmillan Dictionary)

“In zero second you have to get in and on with your energy and power” said Cayetano. This is the structure beneath the duet. The size of the stage was reduced so the focus is only on the dancers.

“Like a Pedro Almodovar film, Soto subverts beauty to convey something else.” (THE WASHINGTON POST)

BJM DANSE MONTRÉAL (Formerly Les ballets Jazz de MontrÉal)
An internationally renowned repertory company, BJM DANSE MONTRÉAL was founded in 1972 by Geneviève Salbaing, Eva Von Gencsy and Eddy Toussaint. In 1998 the internationally acclaimed dancer Louis Robitaille was appointed artistic director of the company. He has brought new energy and new works to the company’s repertoire, exploring inspiring trends in contemporary dance. The company nourishes and promotes its dancers, and encourages up-and-coming choreographers. BJM dancers all have classical training and regularly work with guest choreographers, creating a distinctive style that reflects the company’s unique personality.Invited to perform all over the world, BJM owes its success to its dynamic energy, the individual personalities and technique of its dancers, and a new body of work by choreographers such as Rodrigo Pederneiras, Crystal Pite, Patrick Delcroix, Dominique Dumais, Nicolo Fonte, Shawn Hounsell, Trey McIntyre, Mia Michaels, Edgar Zendejas and Aszure Barton.


ROSSINI CARDS Choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti. Assistant choreographer Sveva Berti. Music Gioacchino Rossini. Lighting Design Carlo Cerri. Costume Design Helena de Medeiros. Dancers Christina Bodie, Tony Bougiouris, Nathan Madden, Alfredo Garcia Gonzalez, Brett Taylor, Alexandra Gherchman, Céline Cassone, Anne-Laure Seillan, Alyssa Desmarais, Kevin Delaney, Andie Masazza, Annick Schadeck, James Gregg.

ZERO IN ON Choreographer Cayetano Soto. Assistant choreographer Laura Fernandez Castillo. Music Philip Glass. Lighting Design Cayetano Soto, Daniel Ranger.Costume Design Cayetano Soto. Dancers Alfredo Garcia Gonzalez and Céline Cassone.

ZIP ZAP ZOOM Choreographer Annabelle López Ochoa.Assistant choreographer Céline Cassone. Music Bart Rijnink, Michel Banabila, Kostas Papadopoulos, Henri Sauguet / Juliette Gréco, Thomas Hellman.Lighting Design Daniel Ranger, Annabelle López Ochoa. Videographer Javier Velazquez.Costume Design Yso. Dancers Christina Bodie, Kevin Delaney, Tony Bougiouris, Nathan Madden, Alfredo Garcia Gonzalez, James Gregg, Brett Taylor, Alexandra Gherchman, Céline Cassone.

Photo 1 Zip Zap Zoom © Gregory Batardon. Dancers Christina Bodie, Youri de Wilde, Tony Bougiouris, Nathan Madden, Robert Knowles.Photo 2 Rossini Cards © William Hébert. Dancers Nicholas Daum, Eira Glover, James Gregg, Katherine Cowie, Sophie-Estel Fernandez, Andrew Murdock, Sara Harton, Brett Taylor. Photo 3 Zip Zap Zoom © Gregory Batardon. Dancers Alexandra Gherchman and Brett Taylor.


109 minutes – including the intermission.
Rossini Cards 52 minutes
Intermission 20 minutes
ZERO IN ON 7 minutes
Zip Zap Zoom 30 minutes