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Danse Danse invites you to discover the creation 2009 of the RUBBERBANDANCE GROUP (RBDG), a young company that is making waves in Canada, the United States and Europe. Its success stems from various factors: its signature style—a fascinating fusion of breakdance, ballet and contemporary dance; its infectious energy; its exceptional dancers; and above all the sheer joy it communicates when performing. For its first appearance at Danse Danse, RBDG is presenting the Montreal premiere of its latest work in the intimate setting of the Cinquième Salle. The most invigorating rendez-vous of the season!

“The Los Angeles-born Quijada was the top crowd pleaser at the festival with his fusion of hip-hop and ballet presented to classical music. The contrast of the hip-hoppers with the opera singers, as the former attempt to be arch and lofty, was an absolute delight. Rubberbandance is clearly heading for international glory.” (The Globe and Mail, Toronto)


A fusion of genres, desires, innovations, physical demands and astonishing combinations—this is one way of summing up the Rubberbandance Group (RBDG). Founded in Montreal in 2002, the troupe has forged an ingenious hybrid style that amazes, delights and moves. Co-directed by Victor Quijada and Anne Plamondon, the company builds imaginary bridges between the street, the club, the studio and the stage, creating a dance that absolutely pulsates, that aims for the solar plexus. RBDG breaks down boundaries—between genres and between people.

“It is not a flashy juxtaposition of styles, but a new fusion that involves an expansive, sophisticated approach to physicality, line, and form.” (Boston Globe)

Victor Quijada and Anne Plamondon are currently artists in residence at La Place des Arts; in the past, RBDG has benefited from creative residencies at Usine C in Montréal and the Festival Danse en Vol in Brussels. Embraced on both the hip-hop and contemporary dance scenes, the young Montreal company has performed in several cities in Canada, Europe (Finland, Britain, Belgium and Holland), and Japan. In the United States, RBDG has been invited to such festivals as Jacob’s Pillow, the Summerstage Festival in Central Park, and the Fall for Dance Festival at New York’s City Centre. The company has appeared at hip-hop festivals in Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Washington.

In addition, RBDG has appeared in music videos, documentaries and television programs. The dance video Hasta La Proxima, adapted from the show of the same name, was a finalist for the 2004 American Choreography Awards in the short film category.

“A marvel of speed, precision, and invention, Victor Quijada is riveting as a performer. His movements coil tight and strong in the solar plexus, leaving the upper back and limbs free […] Quijada¹s movement is exhilarating and his charisma is magnetic!” (Dance Magazine, Vancouver)

Victor Quijada

Victor Quijada was only 8 years old when dance began to infiltrate his body and soul. On the streets of Los Angeles, he was soon introduced to breakdancing. Since then, his passion for movement has only grown. After graduating from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Quijada studied under some of the most distinguished mentors in North America, including Rudy Perez, Twyla Tharp and Eliot Feld. In 2000 he settled in Montreal, where he danced with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal. Two years later he founded RBDG, for which he has created six works. As an independent choreographer, Quijada has also created pieces for the Pacific Northwest Ballet (U.S.), the Jeune Ballet du Québec, the Scottish Dance Theatre, and the Transitions Dance Company (U.K.). He has won the Bonnie Bird North American Award, the Peter Darrell Choreography Award (U.K.), and the National Dance Award (Best Modern Repertory) for Self Observation Without Judgement. His work was also featured in the K-OS music video Man I Used To Be, which won the 2005 Much Music Video Award for Best Rap Video.

Anne Plamondon

A dancer and co-director of RBDG, Anne Plamondon trained in classical dance at the École Supérieure de Danse du Québec. After graduating in 1994, she joined Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal. The following year she became a member of the Nederlands Dans Theater II (Holland), and in 1998 joined the Gulbenkian Ballet (Portugal). She has performed in works by over thirty choreographers, including such leading dance figures as Jiri Kylián, Hans Van Manen, Angelin Preljocaj, Paul Lightfoot, Itzik Galili and Ohad Naharin. Since returning to Montreal in 2000, she has worked as an independent dancer, collaborating with such choreographers as Crystal Pite, James Kudelka, Jean Grand-Maître and Estelle Clareton. She has also worked with filmmakers René-Pierre Bélanger, Micah Meisner and Raymond St-Jean. Since 2002, in collaboration with choreographer Victor Quijada, she has focused on establishing a solid technical and artistic base for the Rubberbandance Group.

Duration: to be determinate


New work 2008
: Victor Quijada
With: Victor Quijada, Anne Plamondon and others dancers

Photo 1 (in rehearsal): Jean-Sébastien Cosette
Photo 4 (Elastic Perspective): Christopher Duggam

March 2008