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Ten years ago, Compagnie Marie Chouinard opened the first season of Danse Danse with Les Solos 1978-1998. A decade on, the company is back not once but twice; Danse Danse is presenting the eagerly awaited repeat performance of bODY_rEMIX/les_vARIATIONS_gOLDBERG in fall 2007 and will close out its 10th season with a new work by Marie Chouinard, a copresentation with the Festival TransAmériques.

Given a standing ovation when it premiered at the Venice Biennale in Italy in 2005, bODY_rEMIX/les_vARIATIONS_gOLDBERG went on to an acclaimed tour of three continents. Performed in Montreal in February 2006 by her company’s 10 astonishing dancers, Marie Chouinard’s latest opus features a truly original geometry of the body. Balanced on one, two and sometimes even four points at a time, the dancers at various times enlist crutches, prosthetics, harnesses and other props in a meticulous, sensitive and playful exploration of movement.


“From the outset, the show advances on two feet, one on point, the other not, to bring out the resistances and tensions that fill the emotionally charged dancers as they physically pit themselves against the difficulty of dancing. The flesh-coloured bodies, corseted or harnessed, find a balance, hold it, release, limp around or hang to show the beauty, but also the fragility, of living.” (Le Figaro, France)

In the Beginning: A Voice…
The voice of Toronto pianist Glenn Gould was the imaginative spark that prompted Marie Chouinard to begin work on the show. At first, she wanted to convey his tone, intonations and strange rhythms through the language of the dancers’ bodies. The choreographer later became fascinated by Gould’s utterly unique interpretations, especially his famous version of the Goldberg Variations by J.S. Bach. The soundtrack of bODY_rEMIX/les_vARIATIONS_gOLDBERG, created by Quebec composer Louis Dufort, consists of a remixed version of Gould’s Goldberg Variations overlain by digitized and manipulated comments by the pianist. “An entirely new encounter between dance and music.” (Stuttgarter Nachrichte)

Marie Chouinard
“Like an artisan working in stone, Montreal choreographer Marie Chouinard sculpts bodies in search of an eternal, immutable truth.” (L’Express, France)

Internationally renowned choreographer Marie Chouinard has created over fifty choreographies, action performances, vocal works, installations and films that bear witness to her insatiable interest in the human body and formal experimentation. From 1978 to 1990, Marie Chouinard performed solo; in 1990, she founded her company, producing many works that were acclaimed by critics and audiences both here and abroad. Her Sacre du printemps, premiered in 1993 and occasionally danced to a symphony orchestra, is still in the company’s repertoire and continues to fascinate audiences everywhere. Her more recent works, including Les 24 Préludes de Chopin, Étude # 1 and Chorale, have also been incredibly well-received. Based on bODY_rEMIX/les_vARIATIONS_ gOLDBERG, the Compagnie Marie Chouinard is the 2006 Grand Prize of the Conseil des arts de Montréal.


The Compagnie Marie Chouinard has just acquired a new building to serve as its headquarters. The company will hold workshops there and organize activities to stimulate and support Montreal’s unique artistic vitality.

Marie Chouinard is a regular participant at conferences and round tables, and her workshops are very popular. Her company is invited to the most prestigious dance seasons and festivals throughout the world. Some of the major theatres and festivals that have hosted the company have become loyal partners, including the National Arts Centre and the Canada Dance Festival in Ottawa, the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris, the ImPulsTanz-Vienna International Dance Festival, the Venice Biennale and the Julidans Festival in Amsterdam.

Duration: 105 minutes
First Part - 40 minutes
Intermission - 20 minutes
Second part - 45 minutes


Choreograph and Artistic Director: Marie Chouinard
Performers: All dancers of the Compagnie Marie Chouinard
Louis Dufort : Variations sur les variations
Jean-Sébastien Bach : Variations Goldberg, Variations 5, 6, 8
Vocal Extracts by Glenn Gould
Lighting, scenography and accessories: Marie Chouinard
Costumes and hairs: Vandal
Make-up: Jacques-Lee Pelletier
Production Manager: Nadia Bellefeuille
Lighting Assistants: Erwann Bernard, Marc Tétreault

Photos Marie Chouinard | Dancers photo 1 - Kirsten Andersen, James Viveiros, Dancer photo 2 - Carol Prieur, Dancers photo 3 - David Rancourt and Lucie Mongrain